2021 Open CL Speed Nationals confirmed as a go event

The aim of this site is to promote all kinds of control line speed flying by encouraging newcomers and experts alike to share their knowledge and experience in a free and open manner.  There will be all of the information required within the website to take part in control line speed, if you like it will be a one stop CL speed shop right from glue, materials and kits to speed tips and finally to contest results.

The premier site for CL Speed in the UK is the Barton club at Manchester, the site is ideal for all types of CL speed models, and the best help and advise is available from the club members there.

Control line speed is the oldest form of control line modelling competition, the event is a very pure judge of how fast a model is and how it is prepared and flown, there are no if’s or but’s just the stopwatch or automatic timing system.

In the UK there is a rich history in control line speed flying stretching back to the 1950’s, more recently the UK had fielded the ‘Dream team’ in F2A International speed winning many team Gold medals at World and European championships, also 3 current World records are held by Barton club member Ken Morrissey.

Many hardened fliers say there is no modelling experience like a control line speed model that is really in tune, the speed and exhilaration just have to be experienced, come on in and give it a go.

Once you have read the page Using the website and forum then please feel free to navigate your way through the site and if you have any comments or suggestions either good or bad then let us know via the contacts page.

Control Line Open Speed Nationals – BMFA Contests & Events

Dick Hart and Ken Morrisey
Andrew Watsons Sport Jet
Chris Martindale starting and launching a Sport Jet
Ken Morrisey flying
Barrie Lever upright Sport Jet