Rustler Sport Weatherman Trophy

When the W’man class was announced the rules said “Any commercial engine”, which lead to the (albeit very popular) current horsepower/money race. There is a group of flyers who don’t like this and feel the original idea was to promote a low key event anyone could enter with bog std. motors.

To satisfy them Ian tried to promote such a category. He came up with a list of std. engines with initial target speeds. The idea is to enter an event and set a time with one of these engines, and see how it compares %wise with the target. This % sets their place in the results for this event. And this speed then becomes the 100% target speed for that engine going fwd’s. It may be higher or lower (or the same!) than the initial target. Each time a record is surpassed that speed becomes the new 100% for the following year. The prize for highest % speed in a year is the Rustler Mosquito trophy plus any engine from the Rustler range. The trophy is held for one year. The winner doesn’t get the engine until he returns the trophy for the following year. The first winner was Jan Huning, with his Profile Weatherman, . The 2nd year the winner was Mick Taylor, 71.2mph with A-M 25, against the target of 70mph, 101.71%. Jan chose a Rustler Frog 500 ign.

Jan Huning being awarded the Rustler Mosquito Trophy by Martin Dilly

All rules as per Weatherman class except the following.

List of permitted engines, all bog std.

Cox 049 reed (Std.)           65mph.

Cox TD049/051                   75.

Cox 09                                    80.

Cox Olympic                         95.

Cox TD 15                               100.

DC Merlin                              50.

Albon Arrow                        40.

Albon Spitfire                      50.

Albon Javelin                       55.

DC Spitfire                            55.

DC Sabre                               60.

DC Rapier                             75.

E.D. Bee Mk.1                      55.

E.D. Bee Mk.2                    60.

E.D. Hornet                        60.

E.D. Fury/Super Fury     60.

Elfin 149 PB                        65.

Elfin 1.8 PB                         65.

Elfin 249 PB                        75.

Elfin 149 BB                         70.

Elfin 1.8 BB                           72.

Elfin 249 BB                         75.

M.E. Heron                           50.

M.E. Snipe                             55.

Original/Indian Mills 1.3 50.

Irvine Mills 1.3                     56.46 (actual record)

Profile W’man                      79.29 (actual record)

E.D. Racer Diesel                 75.

E.D. Racer Glow                   80.

E.D. Hunter                            80.

Miles 5cc. D or G                  90.

A-M 10                                      55.

A-M 15                                      65.

A-M 25                                     71.2 (actual record).

A-M 35                                     80

Frog 250                                  55

Frog 249                                  75.

Frog 500                                  85.

ST G20V-15.                            90.

ST G21V-29.                            100.

K&B 15 Greenhead               80.

K&B 19/21/23 Greenhead  85.

K&B 29 Greenhead               90.

K&B 35 Greenhead               90.

K&B 29R PB                            95.

K&B 15 Ser. 61                        90.

K&B 15 Ser. 64                        105.

K&B 15 Schneurle                  110.

K&B 29 Ser. 61                        105.

K&B 29 Ser. 64                       110.

K&B 29F                                    105.

K&B Cross Flow BB 35         105.

K&B 40 Dykes Ring                115.

Dooling 29                                 105.

Dooling 61                                  125.

McCoy 29 Stunt                         85.

McCoy 29 RV                             100.

McCoy 60                                    125.

ETA 29                                          100.

*Venturi size may be altered.

*Not eligible – PAW; Tiger Cub; O.Tiger 2.5 and Major; ETA 15. And ABC/AAC engines except the Profile class. Too many hot tuned ones around.

*No schneurle ported motors or Flat Top ST’s.

*To be eligible, only speeds made at a meeting or flying session advertised in the model press will count.

*Only events which take place in Britain are eligible.

*Record claimants to contact Ian Russell to claim their record, confirming it was achieved with a std. engine.

*If you want to use an engine not on the list, check with Ian for eligibility. If appropriate it will be added to the list.

*Win it two times and you’re out!